What are the benefits of filing a Consumer Proposal?

Here is a summary of benefits you will receive when you file a consumer proposal. 


✔   You will STOP unsecured creditors from taking legal action against you. 

✔   You will STOP unsecured creditors from making collection calls. 

✔   You will STOP unsecured creditors taking a garnishment from your wages. 

✔   You will STOP unsecured creditors from seizing your assets. 

✔   You will STOP unsecured creditors from charging more interest. 

✔   You will STOP unsecured creditors from charging more penalties. 

✔   You will reduce your total debt owed to your unsecured creditors. 

✔   You will keep your assets. 

✔   You will control of your own destiny. 

✔   You will learn how to live within your income and stop your debt

✔   You will be able to focus on improving your financial future. 

✔   You will be able to focus on reducing your secured debt. 

✔   You will pay off your debt in a maximum of 60 months to your unsecured

✔   You will receive a Certificate of Full Performance after you make your last
      proposal payment which is LEGAL PROOF the balance of your unsecured
      debt is discharged.